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-name: Mark Labbett
-116 points (126 without the age and time penalties/bonuses)
-date: 2011-10-20 10:28:10
-solved in: 1468 seconds
-country: United Kingdom


Compared to all the users that have taken this test, you are in the top 28%, judging by your IQ
Compared to the data from the countries that we cover, you're
Smarter than 62% of Brits
Smarter than 63% of the Dutch
Smarter than 63% of Germans
Smarter than 63% of Austrians
Smarter than 64% of Italians
Smarter than 64% of Spaniards
Smarter than 64% of Slovaks
Smarter than 65% of Czechs
Smarter than 65% of Romanians
Smarter than 66% of Bulgarians
Smarter than 66% of Ukrainians
Smarter than 67% of Hungarians
Therefore, you are smart enough to qualify for being employed in the contries listed above (read the analysis at the end of the page for suggestions)

Please note that the test you have just taken is strongly oriented towards measuring your skill in pattern recognition. Therefore, the score is still relevant for most of your abstract thinking skills, but mostly for the precise and rational part.
There are a lot of other types of intelligence(the emotional one, for one, is one of those that are of similar importance). In the future, we'll add tests specifically designed for measuring all aspects of your intelligence, with a decent discount for our loyal customers.
Taking into account your probable behaviour in areas such as finance, industry and science, and taking into account not just the score itself, but also the questions (if they exist), to which you have answered incorrectly, the jobs for which your iq level strongly reccomends you are:highschool teacher, programmer, pediatrician, nurse, oil rig worker

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