IQBattle Affiliate System - Terms and Conditions

Service Provider: RT Software SRL, owner of the IQBattle IQ testing site, which will be reffered to as "us" throughout this document
- service =
- You = service user
- Platform = technical environment provided by us
- Lead = SMS sent by an user of
- Ad = commercial placed on your site, or any other means of redirecting traffic to us. If you do not supply your unique service user number
when you direct traffic towards our site, you will not be credited with the corresponding amount if the visit to results in a lead.


- will be automatically requested when the amount reaches the value you set
- single payment values:
default: 50 euro
minimum: 50 euro
- can be made by way of either:

1) Paypal(within 1 week of the end of the current month)
2) Wire Transfer(within 1 week of the end of the current month)

Your account will contain 1 standard IAB banner. This is only provided as an example and not intended for actual use. You may delete it if you want.
You can define any number of custom banners, as per your size and design requirements.

Tracking and monitoring
- for more transparency and class-leading analytics support, the site visits will be tracked using your own
google analytics(or similar) account. Please enter your google analytics(or similar) tracking tag in the provided field in your account interface. The tag will appear in the index page
for each individual country, you are free to check if it appears properly and have the duty of checking that it is valid..
- we provide lead details (overall and per-payment) in our control panel

Legal responsability:
Responsability for any improper or misleading ads falls on you.
Our sole responsability is to pay the amount we owe you, if you comply to all the terms of this agreement.
If any type of fowl play or manipulation of the system is detected and proven, we reserve the right to refuse payment.

Last revision: 04/05/2012