Terms and conditions for iqbattle.eu, iqbattle.eu/au and any iqbattle services.

These commercial terms and conditions settle the commercial relationship between the owner of IQBattle.eu and the IQBattle user, for all the countries in which the service is available

The owner of IQBATTLE.EU (which will henceforth be referred to as the "administrator"), administers the internet project IQBattle.eu (which will henceforth be referred to as IQBattle)
in which the site visitors (which will henceforth be referred to as "users" can find out their IQ and their country's IQ and compare it with participants from other countries.

IQ = Intelligence quotient, as defined by the currently accepted medical papers.
Test = a problem-answer pair where the solution is only one out of the provided ones.
The up-to-date version of the test is at www.iqbattle.eu/en/ and can be updated without notice.
The up-to-date version of these terms is at www.iqbattle.eu/en/terms.php and can also be modified without notice, with any changes taking effect upon update of the document.

2. Rights and obligations of the participants:


* Has the right to contact the user at any time, using any means and for any reason.
* Has the right to offer customized condition to one or more IQBattle user
* Has the right to suspend any user without reason and at any time.


* Has the right to contact the Administrator
* Has the right to end using IQBattle without giving any reason.
* Has the obligation of upholding the IQ Battle terms and conditions that are in effect at any given time.
* After paying, the user has the right to get the result(i.e his IQ score).
* In the event that the access to his result is blocked or denied, he has the right to contact the administrator and ask him to solve the problem, but he hasn't got the right to ask
for financial compensation
* By giving out his personal information, the user allows the administrator to enter them into a database and use them for promoting the test.
* The administrator guarantees that any personal user data will not be sold and that it will be removed from the system upon user request.
* The user accepts these terms and conditions by starting the test

4. Responsability of individual subjects

Both the administrator and the users are responsible only for the events and situations they can influence by their own actions.


* is responsible for the good working order of IQBattle.eu
* is not responsible for the user's ability to pay

5. Payment systems
The payment system is SMS-based. The price and type of payment (MT, MO) are determined by the country that the user resides in. If the user sends an sms from a mobile network outside the country he takes the risk of not getting the access code for the results upon himself.
service cost for iqbattle.eu: 3 euro + VAT unless specified otherwise for the user's country
6.Protection of personal information, copyright

The administrator reserves the right to conduct an analysis of the behaviour of the users involved in IQ Battle and communicating them to a 3rd party, exclusively as a dataset that
cannot be traced back to any particular person.

7. Support

Contact for technical issues:
Email: support@iqbattle.eu

Reviewed and published on the 25th of november 2010
These terms are enforced as of the 25th of november 2010.
Published by IQBATTLE.EU (c) 2010-2011